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Valentine’s Day: Not as “Sweet” This Year

Valentine’s Day: Not as “Sweet” This Year

This Valentine’s Day wasn’t as “sweet” inside the classrooms of Patrick M. Villano School due to a new guideline that prohibits candy to be given to students. Small gift items were also banned from distribution.

“Well, what annoyed me most was that we couldn’t have pencils and erasers and things like that, and we also can’t have candy,” explained fifth-grader Sarah Housman. Some students expressed surprise that the long-standing tradition of giving out candy during holiday parties had ended.

Others disagreed, saying it was an opportunity to be unique.

“It’s not such a bad thing because it inspired kids to make t heir own Valentine’s and not just buy store-bought ones and tape candy to them,” stated third-grader Kaitlin Croci. She enjoyed making her own cards. “I liked it because you can be very creative with it and it comes from your heart.”

The new rule was implemented by both elementary school principals this year upon hearing concerns about food allergies or intolerances from a number of parents.

“It was decided it was safer to ask students and parents to refrain from sending these items in,” commented Lisa Avery, President of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The PTA helped spread the word of the change. The PTA sent out emails to the class parents making them aware of the policy change. Also, the group followed up with an email to every family.

“I personally think it was a great change and makes life as a parent and class mom a little bit easier! No worries that students will get sick or hurt since it’s impossible to police what gets sent in. The parties are usually so busy and fun to begin with. I find the kids are quite satisfied without the ‘extra’ being sent home,” Avery said.

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